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Paint Protection Film (PPF)

Paint Protection Film or PPF is the ultimate form of paint protection for your vehicle, once applied it protects against:

  • Stone chips

  • Swirl marks

  • Scratches/Abraision (heavy car washes, finger nail, diamond ring, etc)

  • Bird droppings

  • UV Rays

  • Environmental contaminants

It is a tough layer of clear gloss (or matte) transparent PET film that is cut to size and shape to completely cover your vehicle's paint surfaces. Aside from the above damage protections, other benefits of applying PPF on your vehicle are: it is super hydrophobic, easy to wash and most importantly, it 'SELF HEALS' when poured over with warm water, short heat gun treatment or simply summer sunshine. Watch scratches, scuffs, chips heal before your eyes! It is completely removable too and your vehicle's original paint stays untouched and shines as if it first came out of the showroom.


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