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Paint Protection

Nanomaxx Prestige Auto Care is a certified and accredited applicator by multiple award winning surface protection manufacturers from around the world. We have a wide selection of paint protection products that are exclusively authorized for professional use only. Your car will be detailed using not only our high performance ceramic surface coatings, but using the best equipment the detailing industry has to offer.

We have a range of tailor made packages to suit every vehicle and their owners, from New Car Protection Packages to Pre-owned Protection Packages, from permanent lifetime to semi-permanent applications, ​as well as a range of a la carte services to complement all paint protection packages:

  • High gloss, self-clean anti oxidation alloy wheel glass coating – 3 years effect

  • Windscreen and side windows rain water repellence – 2 years effect

  • Wide range of Automotive Window Tint – lifetime effect

  • Interior vinyl and leather treatment with nanotechnology – 3 years effect

  • Carpet and floor mat dirt and water repellence – 3 years effect

  • Formaldehyde measurement and treatment – lifetime effect

  • Anti-bacteria treatment with photocatalysis – 1 year effect

  • Cigarette smell and odour treatment

  • and many more

Please click on below featured products for more information:

Feynlab Paint Protection at Nanomaxx Prestige Auto Care
Brila Paint Protection at Nanomaxx Prestige Auto Care
Gtechniq Paint Protection at Nanomaxx Prestige Auto Care

We also provide many more choices to truly satisfy the need of all customers:

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