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Our professional team at your service.

We offer premier auto detailing services to the Sydney area. Our certified technicians have extensive background in auto detailing industry and we treat every car as our owns.

NanoMaxx 9H Coating 

- Car Waxing


- NanoMaxx NCC Pro Exterior Application 


- NanoMaxx NCC Pro  Interior Application


- NanoMaxx NCC Pro  Wheel Application

Detailing Wash

Car detailing requires special technique, though most of car owners believe that washing a car simply involves water and towel. However, this is a potentially harmful process used by most traditional car care businesses in Sydney


Most cars show many micro scratches and spider-like lines on the body surface, 99% of which are a result of such harmful cleaning methods.

To avoid micro scratches, a trained car wash is essential.

Every step, every move, every single piece of equipment will affect the result of the wash on the paint.


**Car wash proccess takes about 30-40mins. Please book online to avoid the wait**

Other Service

Cleaning a cars interior involves many tricks.

We forcus on using proper tools and detailing services! The choices of leather protector are color free, skin harm free. Our store prepares all tools used for interior cleaning processes, such as high temperature steaming, carpet bleaching, etc. 


Many of our tools were imported form the U.S., such as specific soft brushes optimized for interior detailing. Superior attention to detail in union with proper tools will give you a brand new interior!


Interior detailing fees range from $175-$250 in most cases, depending on the work required and conditions.

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