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BRILA Premium Glass Coating – a product developed by Pan Surface Co.Ltd, Japan in 1991. BRILA Premium Glass Coating has been researched and tested for over 20 years and has become one of the most advanced body glass coatings for cars, bikes and boats worldwide – aviation in 2017. BRILA has a dedicated research team to always further improve our cutting edge technology. BRILA Premium Glass Coating is the best 4th generation glass coating system and is currently in development of its 5th Generation, available in 2017. BRILA’s technicians, products and raw materials are of the highest quality from Japan. BRILA has advanced to one of the most premium glass coatings in the world, with an astonishing number of NEW car dealership using our products on every vehicle sold.

Key Features:

  • 4th Generation Inorganic Silica Glass Coating

  • Strong Repellence: Water becomes droplets

  • Strong barrier against bird poos, road grimes and dirt

  • Glossiness: It makes a car showroom looking

  • 5 years+ UV protection resulting non fading colour

  • Minimizing washing swirl marks and easy to clean

Brila Premium Paint Protection


Product Line

Premium Body Glass Coating

  • BRILA Premium Body Coating offers a full body protection for all facets of cars and watercraft

  • It is considered to be one of the best body coatings available today

  • It uses 4th generation coating system application

  • Passed strict Japanese Industrial Standard JIS-D0205-1987

RED LINE Body Glass Coating

  • BRILA's Red Line Body Glass Coating keeps a car clean and reduces car washing intervals

  • It is developed for those who ask for 'deep luster'

  • Smooth paint surface and exhilarating water repellency

  • Also effective resisting oil and dirt

BRILA Wheel Coating

  • Instant Hydrophobic effect: Easy to remove brake dust

  • High Heat Resistance: up to 1,300℃

  • Strong Resistance: Inorganic Glass Protection

  • Self cleaning properties, easy to clean

  • Effective for up to 3 years

BRILA Window Coating

  • Water/Oil repellency: Fluorine will repel rain & grease

  • Strong durability: 6 times stronger than others

  • Clear view: Clearer vision in heavy rain at night time

  • Effective duration: 1 year warranty, for clear view and water repellency 
    (maintain repellent even after the trial of using window wiper 600,000 times)

  • BRILA Graphite coating is applied on the wiper rubber to avoid judder.

BRILA Interior Coating

  • Safe for Children: Passed EPA (strict US Standard) see EPA ATP.

  • Anti-bacterialization: Protects from over 700 kinds of harmful bacteria and mould

  • Effective for up to 3 years ensuring a clean and safe environment. 

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